Uganda Post Limited’s property portfolio comprises several real estate properties with land and building developments, doted all over the country and in prime locations. Uganda Post Limited Estates Unit is charged with Management of the Company’s Estates including Property: Acquisition; Utilization, Renting & Leasing; Maintenance; Development & Disposal.

Uganda Post Limited has a number of properties in Kampala City and major Municipalities & Towns countrywide with potential rentable space ideal for office accommodation for all tenant categories ranging from individuals to organizations.

Uganda Post Limited is currently engaged in a property re-development drive that will have most of its properties renovated to render them competitive and with state of the art facilities and services fit for this modern era; a feat expected to be achieved in the not so distant future.
In all these properties mentioned bellow and many others throughout the country, space is often available for letting to government ministries, corporate bodies, NGOs, and SMEs; this in addition to private companies and individuals. The rental rates are friendly and competitive within the market.
The major premises with office accommodation space for rent include these:
Kampala City
General Post Office Building
    5 Floor Commercial Building Complex on Plot 35 Kampala Road

Mobile: 0706442874 / 0772591266
Postel Building 
12 Floor Commercial Building Complex with government ministries, departments and agencies as the predominant tenants,
Located on Plot 67-75 Kitante Road

Mobile: 0706442874 / 0772591266

Major Towns & Municipalities

  1. Entebbe
  2. Jinja
  3. Mbarara
  4. Soroti
  5. Mbale
  6. Gulu
  7. Fort-Portal
  8. Arua
  9. Lira
For further information on the rental space available and any other information related to Uganda Post Limited’s Estates please contact:
Plot 35, Kampala Road Kampala
P.O Box 7106, Kampala, Uganda
TEL. 0414342400.

Mobile: 0706442874 / 0772591266

Location & Contacts

Plot 35, Kampala Road Kampala

P.O Box 7106, Kampala, Uganda

Tel: 256-414-255511 - 5,

256-414-340915 - 9

Email:  (link sends e-mail)

UPL WhatsApp line: 0797 298 493


Working Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00a.m - 6:00p.m

Saturday 9:00a.m - 2:00p.m

Sunday: Closed